Maik Roeder roeder@berg.net
Fri, 21 Apr 2000 13:46:00 +0200

Hi Tom !

Tom Deprez wrote:
> When working on my ZClasses I just came up to a nice idea with FAQ.
> At the moment we show first the questions. This was already a nice
> improvement.

We also show the questions together with the answers below the questions,
so that you can click on the question in the list and directly get
to the answer below it's question.

> But what about showing it in a tree way?

This way we lose some usability because people won't be able to quickly 
jump from a question to an answer on one page and back again without
reloading the page. A tree would mean to reload the tree for every
question or answer. To print the tree you would first load the page
again in expanded mode, and then click on "Show printable", while right
now  you already have all the questions and answers on one page and can
directly click on "Show printable"
> eg.
> All questions are shown:
> Clicking on a question (thus on a branch) will reveal it's aswer right
> below it.
> Clicking again on a question (or on another) will close the answer (and
> reveal the answer to the other question)

This means loading many many pages, while right now we have all on
one page without needing to reload.
> What do you think?

To enhance the usability of the FAQ it would be best to have a limit
on the number of questions in one category. We should split some
categories with many questions.