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Michael Simcich msimcich@accesstools.com
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ZWikis, and Wikis in general, are definitely different <g>. As you probably
know, the original Wiki is at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiWikiWeb. It's the
largest Wiki (AFAIK) and of course contains a great number of ruminations
about the Wiki way of doing things.

What's neat about Wikis, to me at least, is that they offer us a communal
scratch-pad which is dead simple to work with. It's really trippy to be able
to contribute spontaneously to a website, and to intermingle your own
thoughts with those of others. The fact that one is also able to remove
whatever you want is even more boundary bending. That wiki sites don't
typically end up totally trashed is quite encouraging (sometimes things do
happen though - WikiMindWipes etc). In a way I'm sure you could see it as an
interesting social experiment.

The weird naming is there so that link and new page creation is transparent.
After a while I found I became quite fond of the style; there's plenty of
humor in the Wiki scene and page names ofen reflect this.

It does have limitations that bug me sometimes. Nevertheless I think it's a
great invention, and one that will probably spawn variants that are just as
interesting. Could happen here in fact! ZWiki is utterly simple to set up,
thanks to Simon and DC, and eminently tweakable.

Michael Simcich

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Can somebody give me the light on the ZWiki websites?

I don't understand them. What do they, what make them so important?
I think I've read all the links which send me to ZWiki, but still I don't
see why they are so important.
I see DC asking for visiting a ZWiki page (on API?) and elaborate... but
sorry I don't see it, it looks spaghetti to me, certainly with the strange
names given to a ZWiki page (no offense).
Perhaps, some little more explenation would give me the light. Or perhaps a
clearer organisation (with easy to understand title-links) would improve an
overall ZWike page.

Can somebody shine a light? Thanks


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