[ZDP] Please Help

Gus Mansilla slick@bored.com
24 Apr 2000 13:59:47 -0000

I am a senior at Yorktown Highschool and am currently taking computer Science.  Some of you might know my teacher and most likely have been contacted by us.

I am trying to learn dtml however i am having extreme difficulty implementing and learning how to use dtml. Though the site on dtml is imformative, i have no idea where to start. I would love to help make the documentations alot more helpful, and would like to volunteer. however, i do need help learning dtml first.  If anyone could help me or give me information on volounteering please respond asap. i only have a month left of school and i have very little resources at home. 

thank you so much for all the work all of you have done with zope and dtml. thanks

Gus Mansilla

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