[ZDP] Summary of the month of May

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 14:47:59 -0600

Rik Hoekstra wrote:

> > We are right now at a crossroad concerning the future of the
> > ZDP site, and Zope documentation in general. It seems to
> > become a strong consensus that we only have one chance:
> >
> >    Move everything to Zope.org, because we need to have a single
> >    place for Zope documentation anyway, and in addition, we need
> >    the Zope.org community to make it happen too.
> The only point is that the ZDP group seem to be the only ones. I haven't
> heard a word about this from either DC or the rest of the community :-(.
> Could someone please speak up?!

If this really is the desire of the ZDP group, then I can help make it
happen.  I think the ZDP is suited to be a part of zope.org.

How would ZDP integrate with zope.org?  I don't see how, off hand.  Help
me out, and I'll help you make it happen.

> I second this. A real get together seems not practical. Could we please
> try this out (now that I installed an irc client, i want to make use of
> it)

umm... let's just say I'll have more to say on this early next week. 
Please stay tuned :)