[ZDP] Summary of the month of May

Rik Hoekstra rik.hoekstra@inghist.nl
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 23:30:27 +0200

>Rik Hoekstra wrote:
>> > We are right now at a crossroad concerning the future of the
>> > ZDP site, and Zope documentation in general. It seems to
>> > become a strong consensus that we only have one chance:
>> >
>> >    Move everything to Zope.org, because we need to have a single
>> >    place for Zope documentation anyway, and in addition, we need
>> >    the Zope.org community to make it happen too.
>> The only point is that the ZDP group seem to be the only ones. I haven't
>> heard a word about this from either DC or the rest of the community :-(.
>> Could someone please speak up?!
>If this really is the desire of the ZDP group, then I can help make it
>happen.  I think the ZDP is suited to be a part of zope.org.

I wouldn't wan't to suggest that this is  the desire of _the_ ZDP group. On
the other hand, I've seen no one complaining as yet.

>How would ZDP integrate with zope.org?  I don't see how, off hand.  Help
>me out, and I'll help you make it happen.

Ha, there you got us. I really think we need input from you guys for that as
well, especially from Amos and from Michel. The central point is there
really, really needs to be one site where documentation is gathered. All
crucial information _has_ to be searchable at once, _and_ interlinked. We as
the ZDP do not and can't have control over all documentation, because a main
part of it is coming from DC efforts and is on another site. The same is
true for the ZDP documentation from a DC perspective. I leave aside that is
hard to control the ZDP process anyway, because we do not have leadership
and no guaranteed input or commitments other than volunteer efforts.

Moreover, we have been seeking coordination with DC documentation efforts
for quite some time now. For one reason or another this has not happened. An
integration into zope.org would have two benefits as I see it:

- physical location of all documentation in one place. This makes searching
and subject/topic based documentation organization much easier.
- if it is on Zope org, coordination is (even) more natural, as zope.org is
DC responsability. In this way the medium will be the unifying part.

As for the integration of the ZDP Tools, I don't know how that would have to
be arranged. And anyway, we'd have to talk about the details and a migration

I'll add this to ZopeSites Wiki as well.

>> I second this. A real get together seems not practical. Could we please
>> try this out (now that I installed an irc client, i want to make use of
>> it)
>umm... let's just say I'll have more to say on this early next week.
>Please stay tuned :)

I will ;-)