[ZDP] Portals

Maik Roeder roeder@berg.net
Sun, 11 Jun 2000 01:54:46 +0200

Hi everyone !

The Zope portals are no more on the very top of the start
page, but a little bit further down in a small list. I have
a little introductory text now:


  Join our effort to provide entry points to all relevant
  pieces of information relating to Zope. Become a
  ZDP member and write quick introductions on all
  topics to get people started. Non-members can help
  by adding links, comments and drafts. 

I will now work on the Link behind Community, which is
going to be a starting point for all communities to see
what is going on. Then people can jump further down.

As an example I take a really successful online community
site http://www.wallstreetonline.de which is fantastic in
that it attracts a huge mass of people sharing knowledge.

I will give a talk on LinuxTag on the topic
"The Structure of the ZDP Portal. Zope makes it easy.",
which Stephan Richter has hideously suggested for me ;-).
Let's see if I can keep the title like this :-)


Maik Röder

Open Source is "about being able to work together with people you've
never  met, on projects that  are in  a constant state  of flux,  on 
a time schedule  that would  cause a  hummingbird's  head to  spin."
Paul Ferris, http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/opinions/1593/1/