[ZDP] LinuxTag

Rik Hoekstra rik.hoekstra@inghist.nl
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 15:58:56 +0200

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From: Tom Deprez <tom.deprez@village.uunet.be>
To: Martijn Pieters <mj@digicool.com>
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Date: maandag 12 juni 2000 0:46
Subject: Re: [ZDP] LinuxTag

>> You don't have to register for the one day B2B conference, access to the
>> itself is free. Besides, you won't have time to attend the B2B
>> being well, as you'll be attending the EuroZope conference. =)
>? I thought that for entering the expo at Thursday you've to pay. And the 2
>conference rooms and talks of Zope are at Thursday... Or am I seeing this
>totally wrong?
>Of course, the only reason I'm going to LinuxTag is for Zope!

To reassure you Tom: I read it the same way as Martijn. The BTB is paid, but
normal Expo (and non-BTB) attendance is free. It's not stated very clearly,
that's true.