[ZDP] ZDP Site Feedback

George Runyan grunyan@emerging.com
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 13:20:28 -0500

looking at the website, there is one little nuansce that I find annoying on
both ZDP and Oreilly.com when I'm going to a link, transcripts, I must:

[main page] Click on
[someones folder] click here to goto documentation chat transcripts
[zope.org (?)] this is where the content is

Question: wouldnt it be nice if the second 'link' just redirect you to the
valid content, instead of having to explicitly click on it?  How about if
there is no 'body' content not putting a 'Read More...' link (lessen the

Question: is there an RSS for the ZDP (maybe nice to have linked up at
ZNewbies?) - I like collecting RSS's. (atleast for ZDP News vs. Recently
'okayed' data?)

Comment: _Predefined Searches_ (I think are cool) - could you 'color code'
the table elements (CodeCatalog is light blue TD background)? a minor
touchup but would make it look a bit nicer.  

Comment: Community link on top looks more of like a 'SiteMap'?  I just
clicked on it for fun, but since the site seems to be so large and sprawling
a sitemap may be a good idea to get across to people overwhelemed by breadth
of site.

george runyan