[ZDP] ZDP Site Feedback

Maik Roeder roeder@berg.net
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 04:36:47 +0200

Hi George !

I am only answering to the parts of your mail that I have
produced a solution for. The rest will have to wait, like RSS...

George Runyan wrote:
> > Good idea ! Something like [Go directly to the link] or [Skip
> > description
> > and go directly to the link] or ... How would one best put this ?
> I would just 'assume' that no one wants to see that extra click.  and if
> there is no body, just dont prompt them w/ 'skip description' for there is
> NO description.  but if there is a description I would say:
> Direct2Link or Direct2Site (or something like that -- I work in a buzzword
> environment and summon them with ease 8)

So, I have changed that behaviour. Links are now direct, and descriptions
are optional:

Non-developers Contribution  [Description]

The Description Link only shows up if there is something behind,
and also only if that is recommended.

> > > How about if there is no 'body' content not putting a 'Read More...'
> > > link (lessen the options) ?
> >
> > Right, I will add a check for this.
> GREAT! :)

I have also finally changed this. 200 bytes are shown by default for a
news item, and now only if the content size is bigger than 200, the
'Read More...' is shown.
> http://zdp.zope.org/SearchLastChanged/
> shouldnt necessarily show 'whats changed in the past 2 days' but rather 'the
> last N things to change'

I have changed this, so that now the 20 latest changes are shown.
> --- another link issue:
> I'm not quite sure how you have the ZDP setup, but here is an issue inside
> of the http://zdp.zope.org/portals page, where the xml mailing list is *just
> a link*.  people have no need to write about the xml mailing list, it just
> *exists* as a link (to the egroups url) ?

I have removed the topic "XML mailing list". It is now added as a link
inside the subject "XML".
> --- what are plans for ZDP and Zope.org integration/future?  the
> documentation chat is all very 'high level', did Amos make any more comments
> on this?

We have enough time at the LinuxTag ZopeCon to talk about all these issues
among the other Zopies. I would like to talk more with mindlace and 
DC about integration, but I am too busy preparing for the conference.
> I'm just giving feedback, please dont take this as negative criticism.

Thanks again for your support !

Best regards,

Maik Röder

Open Source is "about being able to work together with people you've
never  met, on projects that  are in  a constant state  of flux,  on 
a time schedule  that would  cause a  hummingbird's  head to  spin."
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