[ZDP] ZBook and official guides

kamon ayeva kayeva@hotmail.com
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 11:23:03 GMT


I just updated the Zope Content Library for ZBook wiki pages


Then I checked the DC's Docs Wikis. DC's project seems to be to redo the 
Documentation Guides. But nothing is said regarding ZBook. Isn't the goal to 
have all the documentation opened for community contribution. So isn't 
logicall to have ZBook merge with the official docs ?
I think ZCL tries to cover all aspects of the required documentation and ZCL 
is just the addition of all the documentation guides and reference material.

So it seems natural for me to work together and integrate ZCL with the 
official documention guides layout. We will be more efficient, and the 
effort will be focused on updating and reviewing the current ZBook and 
official guides.

So to begin the process, could we use a common wiki space for the ZCL, and 
identify the doc contributors and reviewers, as it is done for the other 
software projects (Zope-Mozilla, PTK, ...).

Maybe all I am saying is already understood and planned. If yes, sorry for 
this long message.

My 2 cents.

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