[ZDP] Documentation Documentation

Michel Pelletier docs@digicool.com
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 16:02:44 -0800


Amos and I have done some work in the fishbowl this week.  We have
started a new project to define the process for writing Zope

This fishbowl project can be found at:


The idea here is to open up as much as possible the process for
determining the process of writing documentation.  In case you don't
follow that, let me put it a different way: We are using the Zope
fishbowl process to develop a *new* process for writing documentation. 
One of the goals of this new process is to work itself into the existing
fishbowl process for Zope projects, so that everyone has a clear
documentation vision.  All this gets a bit weird; meta-documentation and
developing a process with The Process in order to modify The Process,
but you'll get the idea if you read the wiki.

What this is *not* is a roadmap for existing or future documentation
artifacts.   In other words, if you looking for juicy bits on the
Developer's Guide or some other discreet Zope documentation artifact,
you won't find it here.  Because no process exists yet for writing
documentation, we have not addressed these issues.  When this project is
completed, we will have a complete roadmap that everyone can understand
for writing documentation, and then we will address the issues of actual
documentation artifacts, like where they belong in CVS and format issues

So please check it out and leave your comments in the Wiki.