[ZDP] Re: [Zope] The Zope Book

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 09:36:26 +0000

Michel Pelletier wrote:
>   accordance with OPL guidelines.  We will also be providing the book
>   in raw, structured text format from a publicly available CVS archive
>   so that community members can contribute patches directly to the
>   book, 

Now that's the best news I've heard so far this year :-)

Q. How do you get a bunch of programmers to maintain a book
A. Use tools and formats they understand: CVS & Structured Text 

Are we gonna get a tag per Zoep release with branches like the source tree?

I do hope so, that would be very cool...

thanks for the great news,


PS: How long before that CVS version is available? Where will we submit patches