[ZDP] Zope Book - Chapter about XML

Heimo Laukkanen huima@fountainpark.org
Sun, 11 Aug 2002 03:38:24 +0300

Chris McDonough wrote:
> I think this was disincluded from the Zope Book (because it was too big
> of a topic to chew off) at one point.  But because I indexed it via
> extensions to backtalk, it shows up in searches.
> I don't think it needs to be removed from the server, but I am not goin=
> to add it to the second revision of the Zope Book either.

Could it happen, someday? I mean if it would be updated to discuss=20
Parsed XML. Of course this would be against the current status where=20
Zope Book is only about products that come with installation and / or by=20
ZC. But then again XML as a term and technology is so important that=20
even if it was just for the buzzword factor - it would be nice to have it.

Just my .02 Euros ,-)

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