[ZDP] Lesson 8. Elvis Photo Archive, cont.

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 02:07:30 -0400

Errr.. searching Google, probably. ;-)

Each Zope Product registers a number of object constructors that are
made available from Zope objects.  Typically, these constructors are
accessible via the "manage_addProduct" mapping such as:


This adds an instance of SomeClass to "anobject" with an id of 'id'.

A shortcut for this is sometimes:


Unfortunately, this doesn't work for all classes nor is there any sane
naming convention.  This is neither explained nor readily explicable,
and is an example of Zope "DWIM" that really kicks documentors where
it hurts.  All I can do is apologize..

- C

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> "The photoAction document uses the <dtml-call> tag to perform an
> without inserting anything into the web page. It calls the
> method on the photoArchive folder. 'manageaddImage' is a folder
method that
> creates a new Image."
> How would you know that the photoArchive folder has this method?
where is
> that documented?
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