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Wed, 28 Aug 2002 15:30:14 -0400

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      Take a look at how your site appears by clicking on the
      *View* tab in the root folder, as shown in [5-2].

        % Anonymous User - June 20, 2002 9:51 am:
         I did everything written in your documentation but I didn't succeed.
         I don't see the following lines :
         . Fish
         . Mammals
         . Reptiles

         It seems   that navigation was never called.
         Can you help me

        % Anonymous User - June 26, 2002 8:05 am:
         I have same problem

        % Anonymous User - June 26, 2002 8:15 am:
         Petrov Andey: index_html must be DTML method

        % Anonymous User - July 1, 2002 7:14 am:
         I had the same problem. Both index_html and standard_html_header are DTML methods. (I also tried it with the
         header as a DTML doc and that made no difference)

        % Anonymous User - July 1, 2002 7:19 am:
         Solved it! EVERYTHING seems to need to be a method rather than a document. (So that's: index_html,
         standard_html_header, navigation)
         Is there any point using DTML documents then?

        % Anonymous User - Aug. 28, 2002 3:30 pm:
         Make sure that <dtml-var standard_html_header> is not in your navigation method