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      The installer compiles Zope and sets up your installation. The
      installer prints information as it runs, including the initial
      user name and password.  It's important to *write down* that
      information so you can log into Zope.  For more information see
      the installation instructions in the file *doc/INSTALL.txt*. You
      can change the initial user account later with the *zpasswd.py*
      script (see Chapter 7, "Users and Security").

        % keel - Dec. 8, 2002 8:50 pm:
         I have to chuckle as I read this; I had to install and uninstall zope three times before I figured out what's
         going on. Now that I found this great resource I'm not winging it any more. I think it'll be worth my trials.
         Can I convert my dtml to html to export to webpages for my friends? I don't think they can handle this
         technology. Takes python I suppose.