[ZDP] Welcome to the Zope Tutorial

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
09 Dec 2002 15:55:34 -0500

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 15:37, Ken Clark wrote:
> Gosh, thanks for the quick response, Chris.
> However, I went to acl_users like you said, added a user "Zope". Gave a
> password twice. I filled nothing in for "Domains". I highlighted both
> "Manager" and "Owner" for roles, just for starters. (I hate having to fight
> permission wars). I saw the little stick figure with the name Zope and
> figured I was in.

You created a new user but you didn't log in as the user you created.

> I clicked RootFolder, dragged the "Select Type to add" to it read "Zope
> Tutorial", filled in "tutorial" as the ID on the next screen, clicked "Add",
> and got the same Emergency User stuff:
>         Error Type: EmergencyUserCannotOwn
>         Error Value: Objects cannot be owned by the emergency user
> Perhaps  your response was so fast because this has become an emergency?
> (Just kidding)

Hope not.  

> I received the same results using "Zope" or "zope" as an ID.

You'll continue to receive that error until you log on as a different user
(preferably the user you created in step 1).

> I tried logging out and logging in as Zope since I presumed I'd added
> another user. Somehow the "Enter Network Password" screen is one of those
> Polish intelligence tests. I entered my user name (Zope) and password (you
> can't have it - na-nanny-na-na) and this got me another login screen about 4
> times. Then I got "You have been logged out".
> Sheesh, that was a might short session I had.

Shut your browser down, restart it, and log in as the user you created.

> I went back to the page, logged in with my
> name and added "BEYOND" to the empty domain setting for user Zope. That is
> the name of the WorkGroup used on my computers. (Even though I cannot get
> samba to work well between Win98SE boxes and LOS3.0 boxes. Lindows people
> seem mystified for a month now).  Perhaps I only have hard problems.

Don't mess with the domain setting, you don't need it.

> Is there some other domain I should enter, such as "Universe" or
> "EveryThing" or "lemmeindangit".


You should read the chapter that I sent you from the book.  It explains
all of this much better than I could in this email.

- C