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Wed, 25 Dec 2002 05:00:15 -0500

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    You will install Zope differently depending on your platform. If
    you are running a recent version of Linux, you may already have
    Zope installed. You can get Zope in both binary and source
    forms. There are also several different binary formats available.

      % Anonymous User - Apr. 25, 2002 10:58 pm:
       how do I install zope on mac os x?

      % Anonymous User - Apr. 26, 2002 4:53 am:
       it should work with the source-distribution of zope.
       i haven't tried macosX but i installed zope on freebsd4.5 (also a bsd-kernel like macosX);
       i had to use python2.1 due to python2.2 won't work.

      % Anonymous User - May 1, 2002 8:21 pm:
       There is a MacOS-X How-to on the Zope.Org site (look under "Documentation")

      % Anonymous User - July 23, 2002 7:51 pm:
       also if you don't want to think to much you can always use fink to install zope: http://fink.sf.net/

      % Anonymous User - July 24, 2002 12:44 pm:
       Greetings from Toronto, Canada everyone.
       I've just started using this Zope Book and will be betting the farm on a huge portal we plan on putting up in
       a few months that eventually will be IPO-ed. Qucik question: How did the author do this HTML book with
       comments in it? I think it's an excellent collaboration idea for web authors who want to put out beta copies
       of their books before sending them to the press. Don't you?
       email: i-am-Romulus@eXcite.com

      % mcdonc - July 25, 2002 9:39 am:
       See http://backtalk.sourceforge.net.  HTH..

      % Anonymous User - Nov. 28, 2002 12:46 am:
       I have successfully installed and started the zope server.
       But I have no -idea how to view the web page... I am able to open the admin page, i.e.
       http://myurl:8080/manage, but how to open index.html directly without prompting for passwrd. Any suggestions.

      % Anonymous User - Dec. 10, 2002 6:49 am:
       for OS X.2 installation: http://www.zope.org/Members/jens/docs/zope_osx

       You can find Prebuild binary here: http://tony.lownds.com/macosx/ working fine with my OS X.2.2 

       Zope binaries for os X also there:  http://opensource.spvi.com/

       Enjoy! ;)

      % Anonymous User - Dec. 25, 2002 5:00 am:
       try the mpkg in www.versiontracker.com for osx