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        Chapter 2 covers the most important Zope concepts. By the end of
        this chapter you should be able to use Zope to create and manage
        simple yet powerful web applications.

          % Anonymous User - Sep. 14, 2002 12:48 am:
           this is why I am here

          % Anonymous User - Dec. 28, 2002 10:40 am:
           I would like you to introduce how to make use of attributes to give the meta contents of a web site. i.e., by
           setting the encoding, author, subject, keywords for a site as well as everypages. To generated a dublin-core
           meta description for every page automatically. It would then create a culture for zope site mainainer to
           The real power that Zope is to re-use the content with-in. To that websites should be changed
           from-time-to-time. For example, for a newer media (WAP?, DAV, ...) or for a special time (X-mas?, New Year)
           or merged or splited. The separated of content and its presentation should be the theme of website
           developers. And that archiving data and automatically expire data should be a built-in norm instead of extra.
           Some technique to generate the javascript on the fly should be interested also. For example, the tree-display
           algorithm should be easily generated giving all nodes were in zope. Giving that zope can generated the
           necessary show-hide code automatically.
           With Zope it is also possible to export xml which can be rendered by another layer or to be transformed by
           the browser with XSLT to off-load the work into the clients. This can also very suited for maching reading.
           It is also possible to use zope for other medias: print, video-text, ....
           Comparing Zope with wiki also give some sparks. Zope is actually better then wiki. In all aspect. Sure Zwiki
           is a wiki. But that Zope itself is a wiki already.