[ZDP] Selecting an option from a drop-down list at runtime in DTML

Richard McKinley richard_mckinley@hotmail.com
Wed, 08 May 2002 11:10:20 +0000


I have a drop-down list which is dynamically populated from a database 
lookup table using the <dtml-in> structure to iterate through the list of 
rows and add an <OPTION> to the drop-down for each row in the table.

like so:

<select name="Purpose">
  <dtml-in sqlLookupResearchPurpose>

    <option value="<dtml-var "RESEARCH_PURPOSE">"> <dtml-       var 


I want to be able to add the SELECTED HTML attribute to a specific option 
which is determined only at runtime.  Basically if the current value of 
research_purpose field equals the value of the purpose variable I want to 
insert the select attribute at this point.

      <dtml-if expr="<dtml-var "RESEARCH_PURPOSE"> == <dtml-var "PURPOSE">">

However, I get a syntax error.  How do you usually test the condition when 2 
variable are equal?

Putting the code together:

<select name="Purpose">
  <dtml-in sqlLookupResearchPurpose>
    <option value="<dtml-var "RESEARCH_PURPOSE">"

      <dtml&#8722;if expr="<dtml-var "RESEARCH_PURPOSE"> == <dtml-var 

    > <dtml-var "RESEARCH_PURPOSE"> </option>


If anyone could show me how this is normally done or point me in the 
direction of any tutorials/how-tos etc. it would be appreciated..

Many thanks,

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