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    Here is a very simple component that says hello.  Like all components,
    this one generally consists of two pieces, an interface, and an

      from Interface import Base

      class Hello(Base):
          """ The Hello interface provides greetings. """

          def hello(self, name):
              """ Say hello to the name """

      class HelloComponent:

          __implements__ = Hello

          def hello(self, name):
              return "hello %s!" % name

      % Chris Gray - Aug. 23, 2002 12:44 pm:
       This information and these sorts of examples as presented here by themselves are all but useless to someone
       very new to Zope development. Where do these classes go? How do I install them in Zope? How do you
       instantiate the classes? How do you access the instantiations? How can I experiment with this code? You seem
       to be presenting all the high-level information without any practical information on how you actually put it
       to use. The equivalent would be a beginner's book on Python that assumed you would read the source code for
       the interpreter to discover how to invoke it. It seems to me there is a large gap between what you would
       learn from the Zope Book and what you need to make use of the information presented here.

      % Anonymous User - Oct. 3, 2002 5:15 am:
       I must say I have to agree with Chris.
       A few days ago I picked up a PHP book, and in 20 minutes I was up and running with my first PHP code
       I'm keen to choose Zope because I've been using Python for while but all this documentation is so nebulous!
       I've been reading for days and am still totally vague as to how to get even something elementary happening.
       I know there are fabulous people behind Zope and Python. I wish they could hear comments such as those of

      % Anonymous User - Oct. 4, 2002 12:29 pm:
       I'm sure you were up and running quickly with PHP. But it's likely that you could have been up and running in
       Zope as well in the same amount of time by reading the Zope Book. My advice is to not read this guide until
       you've thoroughly read the Zope Book and done a little Zope development.
       Zope is loosely the equivalent of PHP, Apache, and Oracle wrapped up into a single piece of software, so it
       makes sense that it would take more time to grok than straight PHP. That said, there is a gap between the
       Zope Book and this guide. It's likely that that gap will need to be filled by 3rd-party published books.