[ZDP] Documentation atrophy, and an offer of assistance

Adrian van den Dries az@cantanker.net
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 23:10:14 +1000


Please forgive my posting to this address; I could not find an
appropriate mailing list (ZDP appears to just receive zope book
comments).  I just hope it doesn't bounce.

I would very much like to help with reorganising the Zope documentation,
both "official" and user-contributed.  How can I get started with this?

It seems that the current documentation has atrophied to the point of
uselessness.  So much of the documentation is either too outdated, too
specific, or just too numerous to sift through.  For example, I have
spent many hours trawling the docs for information on "best practice"
Zope setup.  Most of the contributed how-tos are outdated Zope/Apache
information, and there is practically nothing regarding real
"enterprise" Zope/ZODB/ZEO administration, just a mish-mash of Proposals
and what-have-you regarding some alternative storages.

I would like to help make *all* documentation pertinent and current,
and, most importantly ALL IN ONE PLACE.  This is particularly important
for technical decision-makers.  The scope of this is necessarily large:
it covers not just the Official docs and user how-tos, but the
development projects/proposals also (at least to the extent that ideas
from here are made available as user docs).

I am so frustrated with being frustrated that I am offering to do
whatever it takes to get a *real* ZDP moving.


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        / cantanker.net