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Thu, 17 Oct 2002 06:32:43 -0400

A comment to the paragraph below was recently added via http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/current/DTML.stx#2-104


    DTML is a powerful tool for creating dynamic content. It allows
    you to perform fairly complex calculations. In Chapter 8,
    "Variables and Advanced DTML", you'll find out about many more
    DTML tags, and more powerful ways to use the tags you already have
    seen. Despite its power, you should resist the temptation to use
    DTML for complex scripting. In Chapter 10, "Advanced Zope
    Scripting" you'll find out about how to use Python and Perl for
    scripting business logic.

      % Anonymous User - June 10, 2002 5:40 pm:
       links to Appendis A and Chapter 10?

      % Anonymous User - June 14, 2002 6:48 am:
       Why do you always comment that links are needed? At the top and bottom of every page is an "up botton" that
       links to the table of contents where the reader may jump to any chapter. Linking to other chapters and
       appendices 30 times within each chapter will only make the document more confusing to read, as it would lead
       the reader to go through the manual out of sequence.

      % Anonymous User - July 25, 2002 8:10 pm:
       I agree, links to chapters are mostly useless, however, links to specific sections of certain chapters which
       directly expand on the recent content are very useful in my humble opinion. This is especially true for those
       who are on their second pass through the documentation, and are wishing merely to refresh their memory on
       specific areas in a 'basic to advanced or overview to specific' manner. I only make this comment to further a
       personal desire to see more of the latter types of links.

      % krump - Aug. 27, 2002 12:13 am:
       I'll concur on adding links to specific chapters. It is just a personal preference though. Some people might
       hate having lots of little links littered all over.

      % Anonymous User - Oct. 17, 2002 6:32 am:
       most examples in this page just don't work
       thanks to contibutors comments they do after some changes
       but this is quite a hard start with zope