[ZDP] BackTalk to Document The Zope Book (2.5 Edition)/Appendix A: DTML Reference

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Mon, 02 Sep 2002 10:03:09 -0400

A comment to the paragraph below was recently added via http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/current/AppendixA.stx#1-0


  DTML is the *Document Template Markup Language*, a handy presentation and
  templating language that comes with Zope.  This Appendix is a reference to
  all of DTMLs markup tags and how they work.

    % Anonymous User - Apr. 16, 2002 4:24 pm:
     A TOC would be welcome here, so we could jump to a particuliar section of the reference of scrolling the
     whole doc.

    % Anonymous User - Apr. 16, 2002 4:25 pm:
     Last comment should read "... instead of scrolling the whole doc."  Oups!

    % Anonymous User - June 5, 2002 1:19 am:
     I guess no one read your comments.

    % Anonymous User - June 20, 2002 6:45 pm:
     <a href='#2-3'>Call</a>

    % Anonymous User - June 20, 2002 6:46 pm:
     I guess the part about  urls being linked was just a tease.

    % Anonymous User - June 20, 2002 6:53 pm:
     <a href="http://www.zope.org/Documentation/ZopeBook/AppendixA.stx#2-3">Call</a>

    % Anonymous User - Aug. 28, 2002 3:17 am:
     So, when will the Zope documentation arrive at 1989 and start hyperlinking the reference material?

    % Anonymous User - Sep. 2, 2002 10:03 am:
     This reference fails to define the low-level syntax of DTML. What is a valid production for a DTML variable,
     for example? (The useful but neglected Zope Quick Reference actually talks about this, albeit briefly.) A
     further consequence of this oversight is that the user has no idea how to include double quotes in a value,
     or whether it is even possible to do so. All the example uses of <dtml-var expr="..."> use single-quotes in
     the expression in an apparent attempt to avoid this issue, but what if you really need a double-quote in
     there? I haven't found a way to do it yet.