[ZDP] BackTalk to Document The Zope Book (2.5 Edition)/Dynamic Content with DTML

nobody@nowhere.com nobody@nowhere.com
Mon, 09 Sep 2002 19:09:47 -0400

A comment to the paragraph below was recently added via http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/current/DTML.stx#3-146


      The *in* tag makes this easy.  Change your file library method a
      bit to look like this::

        <dtml-var standard_html_header>

        <dtml-in expr="objectValues('File')">
          <dtml-if sequence-even>
            <tr bgcolor="grey">
          <a href="&dtml-absolute_url;"><dtml-var title_or_id></a>

        <dtml-var standard_html_footer>

        % Anonymous User - Sep. 9, 2002 7:09 pm:
         Cool!  I've wondered about how to do this.