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Wed, 11 Sep 2002 03:46:09 -0400

A comment to the paragraph below was recently added via http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZDG/current/Products.stx#3-11


      Interactive testing is one of Python's great features. It lets you
      experiment with your code in a simple but powerful way.

        % Anonymous User - Dec. 11, 2001 9:07 pm - I'm having problems getting the interactive code to work with python 2.1.1 .  do you need more includes?  The interpreter says:  "No module named Interface"  was the Interface module included in a later version, or is this just a zope thing?

        % Anonymous User - Dec. 12, 2001 3:51 pm - I'm just supporting previous blame. Same problem here()Python 2.1.1 (Win) Zope 2.5)

        % Anonymous User - Jan. 7, 2002 3:20 pm - Yes, this is a Zope thing. It resides in {ZOPEHOME}/lib/python. Let's assume your ZOPEHOME is /home/Zope. Then you might want to start your interactive session like this:<br><br>  import sys<br>  sys.path.append('/home/Zope/lib/python')<br><br>  et voila! :-)

        % Anonymous User - Sep. 2, 2002 9:29 pm:
         Don't you need some kind of __init__.py in there somewhere, too?

        % Anonymous User - Sep. 11, 2002 3:46 am: