[ZDP] BackTalk to Document Zope Developer's Guide (2.4 edition)/Object Publishing

nobody@nowhere.com nobody@nowhere.com
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 14:09:13 -0400

A comment to the paragraph below was recently added via http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZDG/current/ObjectPublishing.stx#3-50


      In addition to these type converters, the publisher also supports
      method and record arguments.

        % Anonymous User - July 17, 2002 5:56 pm:
         This is covered pretty thoroughly in the Zope Book's Chapter 10 -- perhaps a reference would be more
         appropriate than duplicating the content?

        % Anonymous User - Sep. 16, 2002 2:09 pm:
         I feel that the explaination here is better than the explanation in the Zope Book.