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Wed, 18 Sep 2002 11:44:05 -0400

A comment to the paragraph below was recently added via http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/current/CustomZopeObjects.stx#2-44


    The five objects Zope created are all automatically configured to work
    properly, you do not need to change them for now.  Here is a brief
    description of each object that was created:

      *ZooExhibit* -- This is the ZClass itself.  It's icon is a white box
      with two horizontal lines in it.  This is the traditional symbol for
      a *class*.

      *ZooExhibit_addForm* -- This DTML Method is the constructor form for
      the ZClass.  It is a simple form that accepts an id and title.  You
      can customize this form to accept any kind of input your new object
      requires.  The is very similar to the add form we created in the
      first example.

      *ZooExhibit_add* -- This DTML Method gets called by the
      constructor form, *ZooExhibit_addForm*.  This method actually
      creates your new object and sets its *id* and *title*.  You can
      customize this form to do more advanced changes to your object
      based on input parameters from the *ZooExhibit_addForm*.  This
      has the same functionality as the Python script we created in
      the previous example.

      *ZooExhibit_add_permission* -- The curious looking stick-person
      carrying the blue box is a *Permission*.  This defines a
      permission that you can associate with adding new *ZooExhibit*
      objects.  This lets you protect the ability to add new Zoo
      exhibits.  If you click on this Permission, you can see the name
      of this new permission is "Add ZooExhibits".

      *ZooExhibit_factory* -- The little factory with a smokestack
      icon is a *Factory* object.  If you click on this object, you
      can change the text that shows up in the add list for this
      object in the *Add list name* box.  The *Method* is the method
      that gets called when a user selects the *Add list name* from
      the add list.  This is usually the constructor form for your
      object, in this case, *ZooExhibit_addForm*.  You can associate
      the Permission the user must have to add this object, in this
      case, *ZooExhibit_add_permission*.  You can also specify a
      regular Zope permission instead.

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       in ZooExibit_addForm explination, it should be "This is very similair to ...", rather than "The is ..."