[ZDP] stx srcs / pdf version of the zope book

Andreas Reuleaux reuleaux at web.de
Sun Aug 31 00:08:27 EDT 2003


I wonder where I can find the structured text (stx) sources
and/or a pdf version of the zope book (current 2.6 version).

I found out that I can get the stx sources of individual chapters by
appending "/document_src" to the online chapters, for example, to get
the Acquisition chapter source I can call

However, isn't there an easier way of getting everything together?
- I saw the CVS repository at http://sourceforge.net/projects/zope-book
i.e. I did a 
  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/zope-book co Book
but I discovered that the version in cvs is outdated. Aren't the newer versions
any more in CVS?

I am especially interessted in having a pdf version printed at a copy shop
The above mentioned cvs repository has an (outdated) script pdf.py
which seems to produce pdf from html. - Is this correct? I.e. is the toolchain
stx -> html -> pdf (instead of just stx -> pdf)?

So I could probably hack something together à la 
  * getting all the stx sources with /document_src
  * and producing pdf via html with pdf.py
but I would prefer an established mechanism.

By the way: The book is under an open publication license
- former versions had this explicitely mentioned, I can't 
see this copyright notice any more in the actual online version.

And one more question: Why isn't Newriders interested in
getting out newer updated editions of the book more frequently?
(Couldn't just anyone have it printed and even sell it because
of its open publication license?)

Thanks in advance,

PS: I really like the book, I learned most of what I know
  about zope from the zope book

Andreas Reuleaux  
reuleaux at web.de

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