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    'fsrecover.py' has the following help output::

      python fsrecover.py [ <options> ] inputfile outputfile


      -f -- force output even if output file exists

      -v level -- Set the 
      verbosity level:

           0 -- Show progress indicator (default)

           1 -- Show transaction times and sizes

           2 -- Show transaction times and sizes, and
                show object (record) ids, versions, and sizes.

      -p -- Copy partial transactions. If a data record in the middle of a
         transaction is bad, the data up to the bad data are packed. The
         output record is marked as packed. If this option is not used,
         transaction with any bad data are skipped.

      -P t -- Pack data to t seconds in the past. Note that is the "-p"
         option is used, then t should be 0.        

      % Anonymous User - Dec. 4, 2003 6:58 pm:
       This chapter could use some information on database testing tools.
       fstest.py and fsrefs.py are both useful. I run them both with
       cron every night. Maybe checkbtrees.py too?

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