[ZDP] Re: Lesson+1.+Elvis+Lives+Home+Page

Denis Valdenaire root@joe-linux.org
05 Jul 2003 22:47:50 +0200

ok, forget about it, i'm only too stupid, thats all.
or maybe you should be more precise about where to work in the ZMI.

sorry again

Le sam 05/07/2003 à 22:41, Denis Valdenaire a écrit :
> hi
> i m sure you already got comment about this. Maybe it's volontarily left
> as an exercice for the reader, but :
> <dtml-var header.gif> is undefined at the beginning, and it generates a
> python error.
> i guess we should have referenced an image before, or something ?
> thanks for your attention
Denis Valdenaire <root@joe-linux.org>