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    There is a few other testing and debugging techniques and tools
    not commonly used to test Zope. In this section we'll mention
    several of them.

      % Anonymous User - Oct. 16, 2001 6:49 pm - The Medusa monitor client is also a good debugging tool. It permits querying the ZODB from an interactive commandline interface, and would be familiar to many Python users. The only downside is that because persisted objects are based on ExtensionClass, it is not possible to query an object for its functions and attributes in the style of "dir(thisobject)".    -- Chui Tey

      % Anonymous User - Nov. 1, 2001 8:39 am - Actually dir(object) works fine.  It just breaks the *first* time you try to use it on a persistent object, where it returns an empty list.  The second and subsequent times, it will show you the methods and attributes.  Of course it won't show you acquired methods and attributes, but that's what aq_parent and such are for. -- chrism

      % Anonymous User - Mar. 6, 2003 5:06 pm:
       Perhaps it's something I'm doing, but the downside of Medusa monitor debugging on my setup is that all errors
       fail silently, rather than raising a traceback. So if you try to look at attribute "a" of object "o", and it
       doesn't exist, you get no response, rather than a TB/exception. Is this just me?