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  This is a list of some important directories in the Zope source

    'Extensions' -- Code for External Methods go in this

    'ZServer' -- Python code for ZServer and Medusa.

    'ZServer/medusa' -- Sam Rushing's Medusa package upon which
    ZServer is built.

    'doc' -- Miscellaneous documentation. 

    'import' -- Place Zope export files here in order to import them
    into Zope.

    'inst' -- Installation scripts.

    'pcgi' --  C and Python code for PCGI.

    'utilities' -- Miscellaneous utilities.

    'var' -- Contains the ZODB data file (Data.fs) and various other
    files (logs, pids, etc.) This directory should be owned and
    writable by the userid that Zope is run as.

    'lib/Components' -- Python extension modules written in C
    including BTree, ExtensionClass, cPickle, zlib, etc.

    'lib/python' -- Most of the Zope Python code is in here.

    'lib/python/AccessControl' -- Security classes.

    'lib/python/App' -- Zope application classes. Stuff like product
    registration, and the control panel.

    'lib/python/BTrees' -- Btrees package.

    'lib/python/DateTime' -- DateTime package.

    'lib/python/DocumentTemplate' -- DTML templating package. DTML
    Document and DTML Method use this.

    'lib/python/HelpSys' -- Online help system.

    'lib/python/Interface' -- Scarecrow interfaces package.

    'lib/python/OFS' -- Object File System code. Includes basic Zope
    classes (Folder, DTML Document) and interfaces (ObjectManager,

    'lib/python/Products' -- Zope products are installed here.

    'lib/python/Products/OFSP' -- The OFS product. Contains
    initialization code for basic Zope objects like Folder and DTML

    'lib/python/RestrictedPython' -- Python security used by DTML and
    Python Scripts.

    'lib/python/SearchIndex' -- Indexes used by ZCatalog.

    'lib/python/Shared' -- Shared code for use by multiple Products.

    'lib/python/StructuredText' -- Structured Text package.

    'lib/python/TreeDisplay' -- Tree tag package.

    'lib/python/ZClasses' -- ZClasses package.

    'lib/python/ZLogger' -- Logging package.

    'lib/python/ZODB' -- ZODB package.

    'lib/python/ZPublisher' -- The Zope ORB.

    'lib/python/Zope' -- The Zope package published by ZPublisher.

    'lib/python/webDAV' -- WebDAV support classes and interfaces.

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     What's different between <zope>/lib/python/Products and <zope>/Products?