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    For a more lighthearted description of what object orientation is
    and how it relates to Zope, see Chris McDonough's "Gain Zope
    Enlightenment by Grokking Object
    For a more comprehensive treatment on the subject of object
    orientation, buy and read "The Object
    Primer":http://www.ambysoft.com/theObjectPrimer.html by Scott
    Ambler.  There are also excellent object orientation tutorials
    available on he Internet.  See "The Essence of Objects
    chapter":http://www.objectcentral.com/oobook/Chapter2.html of the
    book "The Essence of Object Oriented Programming with Java and
    UML".  There is an extensive "Object
    FAQ":http://www.cyberdyne-object-sys.com/oofaq2/ available at
    Cyberdyne Object Systems.

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