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  This book describes Zope's services to the developer from a
  hands on, example-oriented standpoint.  This book is not a complete
  reference to the Zope API, but rather a practical guide to applying
  Zope's services to develop and deploy your own web applications.
  This book covers the following topics:

    *Components and Interfaces* -- Zope is moving toward a
    component-centric development model.  This chapter describes the
    new component model in Zope and how Zope components are described
    through interfaces.

    *Object Publishing* -- Developing applications for Zope involves
    more than just creating a component, that component must be
    *publishable* on the web.  This chapter describes publication, and
    how your components need to be designed to be published.

    *Zope Products* -- New Zope components are distributed and installed
    in packages called "Products".  This chapter explains Products in

    *Persistent Components* -- Zope provides a built-in, transparent
    Python object database called ZODB.  This chapter describes how to
    create persistent components, and how they work in conjunction
    with the ZODB.

    *Acquisition* -- Zope relies heavily on a dynamic technique called
    acquisition. This chapter explores acquisition thoroughly.

    *Security* -- When your component is used by many different people
    through the web, security becomes a big concern.  This chapter
    describes Zope's security API and how you can use it to make
    security assertions about your object.

    *Debugging and Testing* -- Zope has built in debugging and testing
    support.  This chapter describes these facilities and how you can
    debug and test your components.

    % Anonymous User - Apr. 28, 2002 11:22 pm:
     Are ZClasses to be deprecated as a development tool?
     It seems to be no longer included as a development option.

    % mcdonc - May 30, 2002 11:06 am:
     ZClasses are documented in the Zope Book.

    % Anonymous User - Oct. 17, 2003 7:16 am:

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