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  Zope is an open source web application framework.  It has three
  distinct audiences:

    % chrism - Dec. 10, 2001 11:02 am - Note that folks are encouraged to make comments using the comment system.  Thanks!

    *Site Managers* -- individuals who use of Zope's "out of the box" features
     to build websites.  This audience is interested in making use
     of Zope's existing array of features to create content
     management solutions.  They will likely make heavy use of
     "through the web" scripting using DTML, Page Templates, and
     Python Scripts as well as (of course) HTML and XML.  They are
     generally less concerned about code reuse than the speed with
     which they can create a custom application or website.

    *Developers* -- individuals who wish to extend Zope to create
     highly customized solutions.  This audience is likely interested
     in creating highly reusable custom code that makes Zope do something
     new and interesting.

    *Administrators* -- individuals responsible for keeping a Zope
     site running and performing installations and upgrades.

    % Anonymous User - Sep. 10, 2002 8:09 pm:
     I really like the idea of a downloadable PDF. However the header on every page is "Introduction" (same in the
     Zope Book). This doesn't give you much clue which chapter you are on and can be confusing.
     I know that HTMLDOC supports putting the chapter name in the header. Can you do this instead?

    % Anonymous User - Jan. 10, 2003 4:05 am:
     This system is amazing. I like Python a lot!

    % Anonymous User - Feb. 24, 2003 7:02 pm:
     About the "Comment" images.
     They have a thin black border around them (which is probably not what you want) but not in Mozilla or the
     other popular browser.
     If you change 'border="off"' to 'border="0"' in the HTML then the border disappears.
     The border, though deprecated, is supposed to be an integer.
     I know that this is a very picky point but it is not a really good introduction to Zope.

    % Anonymous User - Apr. 9, 2003 9:51 am:
     Is it possible to mention somewhere in the menu of this page that this beautifull functionnality that allow
     the user to include comments directly on this page to maintain and enrich the contents is achieved with a
     Zope product called "BackTalk" (with a link to the corresponding page). Perhaps it is written somewhere but
     I've not been able to find it.

    % Anonymous User - Apr. 9, 2003 2:19 pm:
     See http://backtalk.sourceforge.net for the latest version...

    % Anonymous User - May 4, 2003 5:37 pm:
     I like commentable sites and even tried to design one once. But the comments here are too distracting, too
     large and generally annoying.
     They should either be restricted to areas that are fuzzy and uncertain or they should be really small and

    % Anonymous User - Sep. 1, 2003 10:05 pm:
     I agree.

    % Anonymous User - Sep. 23, 2003 8:04 am:
     To add a comment please go to the top of any page and ascertain by clicking on the COM button whether is is
     ON or OFF. Make sure it is OFF (Figure that one out!).
     Go to the first available comment and then scroll to the far right. You will find a small button in the lower
     right corner which, when clicked, adds a "Comment" window at the bottom of the page.
     Add your comment.

    % Anonymous User - Oct. 23, 2003 11:24 am:

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