[ZDP] Re: ZDP Digest, Vol 3, Issue 18

Christopher Boomer cawb at loughshore.com
Fri Oct 24 06:49:20 EDT 2003

> It is obvious many people new to Zope are
> burning up a lot of time, because it is very
> difficult to get a web site started.
I'm not sure that you're entirely right there.  There is certainly a lot to
grasp when you start developing in Zope, but the first 50 things you need to
know vary greatly depending on what sort of site you are trying to develop.

Perhaps a more thorough introduction to this book would be useful to drive
people down the correct road prior to launching into development.  However,
I suspect you really need to know how the different bits of Zope interact
before you go much deeper.  The Zope Book does this quite successfully
(although I for one would demote DTML to an archaic appendix at this stage),
and Zope 3 will be different again before too long.

> My reaction initially was to start a project that would teach
> people the, say, 50 things required to get a web site going.
I think that is a wonderful idea, and could nicely mirror the Python
Tutorial document, which does little more than teach you about the building
blocks.  Many people reaching Zope for the first time will already be
familiar with this, and others will rapidly need to read it.

> Ironically, I have not been able to break into the organization
> and get a conversation going.
Start publishing on Zope.org!  You should find contributors coming out of
the woodwork, especially when you write something controversial!  This is a
community, so who is in charge of something often depends on who is doing
the work.  For project leaders, try Zope.com.

Christopher Boomer

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