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    In the "status frame" at the top of the management interface, your
    current login name is displayed, along with a pull-down box that
    lets you select:

      Preferences -- By selecting this menu item, you can set default
      preferences for your Zope management interface experience.  You
      can choose to turn off the status frame.  You can also choose
      whether or not you want the management interface to try to use
      style sheets.  Additionally, you can change the default height
      and width of textareas displayed in the ZMI.  This information
      is associated with your browser via a cookie.  It is not
      associated in any way with your Zope user account.

      Logout -- Selecting this menu item will log you out of Zope.
      Due to the way that the HTTP "basic authentication" protocol
      works, this may not work properly on all browsers.  If you
      experience problems logging out using this facility, try closing
      and reopening your browser to log out.

      Quick Start Links -- Selecting this menu item presents the
      "QuickStart" page which has links to Zope documentation and
      community resources.

      "The Status Frame":img:3-3:Figures/statusframe.jpg

      % Anonymous User - Oct. 29, 2003 10:01 pm:
       ERROR the word "textareas" which follows this comment should probably be written "text areas" ERROR

      % Anonymous User - Oct. 29, 2003 10:03 pm:
       ERROR the word "textareas" in the "Preferences" paragraph should probably be written "text areas" ERROR

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