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    Through-The-Web Management

      To create and work with Zope objects, you use your Web browser
      to access the Zope management interface. All management and
      application development can be done completely through the Web
      using only a browser. The Zope management interface provides a
      familiar Windows Explorer-like view of the Zope object
      system. Through the management interface a developer can create
      and script Zope objects or even define new kinds of objects,
      without requiring access to the file system of the web server.

      Objects can be dropped in anywhere in the object hierarchy. Site
      managers can work with their objects by clicking on tabs that
      represent different "views" of an object. These views vary
      depending on the type of object. A "DTML Method" Zope object,
      for example, has an "Edit" tab which allows you to edit the
      document's source, while a "Database Connection" Zope object
      provides views that let you modify the connection string or
      caching parameters for the object. All objects also have a
      "Security" view that allows you to manage access control
      settings for that object.

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