[ZDP] Extending Zope

Tom Snell tsnell at enervation.com
Sat Sep 27 04:38:54 EDT 2003

Re: Extending Zope
In the section entitled:
"Creating Methods on your ZClass" the reader is instructed as follows:
Go to your ZooExhibit ZClass and click on the Methods tab. (This puts 
you at: Z Class at 
The text continues:
Now, you can visit one of your ZooExhibit instances directly through the 
web, for example, http://www.zopezoo.org/Exhibits/FangedRabbits/ will 
show you the public interface for the Fanged Rabbit exhibit.
That site does not exist.  Consequently, it is difficult to grasp who to 
use the URL method to call a page.
I tried using the "localhost..." path but could not get it to work.
When in /Exhibits there is a view method, but it does not bring up 
fangedRabbits to some introductory page to Zope.
Is an instruction missing in the text?  It must be possilbe to view 
FangedRabbits via the View method in /Exhibits somehow.  Thank you for 
your help.
snell at tsa.de

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