[ZDP] BackTalk to Document The Zope Book (2.6 Edition)/Zope Concepts and Architecture

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Tue Mar 9 17:42:44 EST 2004

A comment to the paragraph below was recently added via http://zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/2_6Edition/ZopeArchitecture.stx#3-14


      The URL of an object is most simply composed of its 'host',
      'port', and 'path'.  So for the Zope object with the path '/Bob'
      on the Zope server at 'http://localhost:8080', the URL would be
      'http://localhost:8080/Bob'.  Visting a URL of a Zope object
      directly is termed *calling the object through the web*.  This
      causes the object to be evaluated and the result of the
      evauluation is returned to your web browser.

        % Anonymous User - Mar. 9, 2004 5:42 pm:
         Bastante simple No?

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