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=== Added File StandaloneZODB/README ===
This is a placeholder for a real README file.

The StandaloneZODB package provides a set of tools for using ZODB in
Python programs separately from Zope.  The tools you get are
indentical to the ones provided in Zope, because they come from the
same source repository.  But they have been pacakged for use in
standalone applications.

StandaloneZODB is known to work with Python 2.1.  It does not work
with Python 2.2 and may not work with versions of Python earlier than

StandaloneZODB is packaged with distutils.  To build it, run the setup
    python setup.py build

To test the build, run the test script.  (Many of the tests will not
work properly on Windows.  We are working on fixing this.)
    python test.py

If the tests succeeded, you can install StandaloneZODB using the test
    python setup.py install

There is more information about ZODB at http://www.zope.org/Wikis/ZODB.
Send questions to zodb-dev@zope.org.