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Added function ZConfig.Substitution.getnames().

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@@ -599,6 +599,8 @@
 object; the value of that attribute should be another mapping or
 \code{None}.  If this search does not yield a value, an empty string
 is used.
+Note that the lookup is expected to be case-insensitive; this module
+will always use a lower-case version of the name to perform the query.
 For these functions, the \var{mapping} argument can be a \class{dict},
 or any type that supports the \method{get()} method of the mapping
@@ -621,6 +623,15 @@
   constructs in \var{s}, or \exception{SubstitutionRecursionError} if
   any name expands to include a reference to itself either directly or
+An additional function is provided which provides some interesting
+information about a source string:
+  Return a list of the names referenced by the string \var{s}.  The
+  names will have been converted to lower case.  Each name will only
+  be included once, even if it is referenced multiple times.
 The following exceptions are defined: