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Note that name lookups for substitution are case-insensitive.

=== Packages/ZConfig/doc/zconfig.tex 1.24 => 1.25 ===
--- Packages/ZConfig/doc/zconfig.tex:1.24	Wed Dec  4 17:01:07 2002
+++ Packages/ZConfig/doc/zconfig.tex	Wed Dec  4 17:11:29 2002
@@ -192,7 +192,9 @@
 The value of \var{name} must be a sequence of letters, digits, and
-underscores, and may not start with a digit.  If \var{value} is
+underscores, and may not start with a digit; the namespace for these
+names is separate from the other namespaces used with
+\module{ZConfig}, and is case-insensitive.  If \var{value} is
 omitted, it will be the empty string.  If given, there must be
 whitespace between \var{name} and \var{value}; \var{value} will not
 include any whitespace on either side, just like values from key-value
@@ -638,7 +640,8 @@
 In each case, \var{name} is a non-empty sequence of alphanumeric and
-underscore characters not starting with a digit.  If there is not a
+underscore characters not starting with a digit.  Names are converted
+to lowercase before lookup in \var{mapping}.  If there is not a
 replacement for \var{name}, these functions search up the containment
 chain for a suitable replacement.  The containment chain is found by
 looking for an attribute \member{container} on the \var{mapping}