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+What's new in ZODB3 3.1.3?
+Fixed several critical ZEO bugs.
+- If a storage server fails or times out between the vote and the
+  finish, the ZEO cache could get populated with objects that don't
+  make it to the storage server.
+- If a client loses its connection to the server near the end of a
+  transaction, it is now guaranteed to get a ClientDisconnected error
+  even if it reconnects before the transaction finishes.  This is
+  necessary because the server will always abort the transaction.
+  In some cases, the client would never see an error for the aborted
+  transaction. 
+- In tpc_finish() we re-order the calls so that the server's tpc_finish()
+  is called (and must succeed) before we update the ZEO client cache.
+- The storage name is now prepended to the sort key, to ensure a
+  unique global sort order if storages are named uniquely.
+A variety of fixes and improves to Berkeley storage (aka BDBStorage)
+were back-ported from ZODB 4.  This release now contains the most
+current version of the Berkeley storage code.  Many tests have been
+back-ported, but not all.
+Modified the Windows test suite to wait longer at the end of a ZEO
+test for the server to shutdown.  Before Python 2.3, there is no
+waitpid() on Windows, and, thus, no way to know if the server has
+shutdown.  The change makes the tests take longer, but also makes them
+less likely to fail or hang.
+Fixed bug in ExtensionClass that affected comparison of ExtensionClass
+instances.  The code can raise RuntimeWarning under Python 2.3 and
+produce incorrect results on 64-bit platforms.
+Added Tools/README.txt that explains what each of the scripts in the
+Tools directory does.
+There were many small changes and improvements to the test suite.
 What's new in ZODB3 3.1.2 final?

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