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Fred L. Drake, Jr. fred at zope.com
Tue Apr 13 12:00:06 EDT 2004

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=== Zope3/src/zLOG/__init__.py 1.19 => 1.20 ===
--- Zope3/src/zLOG/__init__.py:1.19	Tue Apr 13 10:28:54 2004
+++ Zope3/src/zLOG/__init__.py	Tue Apr 13 12:00:03 2004
@@ -14,6 +14,12 @@
 """General logging facility
+  This module exists only for backward compatibility.  Any new code
+  for Zope 2.8 and newer should use the logging module from Python's
+  standard library directly.  zLOG is only an API shim to map existing
+  use of zLOG onto the standard logging API.
 This module attempts to provide a simple programming API for logging
 with a pluggable API for defining where log messages should go.
@@ -47,12 +53,9 @@
   PANIC=300    -- We're dead!
-Also, logging facilities will normally ignore negative severities.
 To plug in a log handler, simply replace the log_write function
 with a callable object that takes 5 arguments:
       subsystem -- The subsystem generating the message (e.g. ZODB)
       severity -- The "severity" of the event.  This may be an integer or
@@ -69,18 +72,9 @@
                traceback.  If provided, then a summary of the error
                is added to the detail.
-There is a default event logging facility that:
-  - swallows logging information by default,
-  - outputs to sys.stderr if the environment variable
-    EVENT_LOG_FILE is set to an empty string, and
-  - outputs to file if the environment variable
-    EVENT_LOG_FILE is set to a file name.
-  - Ignores errors that have a severity < 0 by default. This
-    can be overridden with the environment variable EVENT_LOG_SEVERITY
+The default logging facility uses Python's logging module as a
+back-end; configuration of the logging module must be handled
+somewhere else.
 from EventLogger import log_write, log_time, severity_string

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