[Zodb-checkins] SVN: ZODB/trunk/src/ZODB/ConflictResolution.txt "initialized" not "initiated [into a fraternity]" (thanks Aaron)

Gary Poster gary at zope.com
Mon Jun 25 16:39:45 EDT 2007

Log message for revision 77078:
  "initialized" not "initiated [into a fraternity]" (thanks Aaron)

  U   ZODB/trunk/src/ZODB/ConflictResolution.txt

Modified: ZODB/trunk/src/ZODB/ConflictResolution.txt
--- ZODB/trunk/src/ZODB/ConflictResolution.txt	2007-06-25 18:37:26 UTC (rev 77077)
+++ ZODB/trunk/src/ZODB/ConflictResolution.txt	2007-06-25 20:39:45 UTC (rev 77078)
@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@
 effectively a class method.
 DANGERS: The changes you make to the instance will be discarded.  The
-instance is not initiated, so other methods that depend on instance
+instance is not initialized, so other methods that depend on instance
 attributes will not work.
 Here's an example of a broken _p_resolveConflict method.

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