[ZODB-Dev] Handling more databases with zeo

Lukas Linhart almad at include.cz
Tue Jun 28 04:23:52 EDT 2005


sorry for bothering in Dev list, but I've posted this to c.l.p with no answer 
and I don't knew where to ask. 

I've rtfm again and I really don't knew :]

One nice feature of the configuration file is that you don't need to specify 
imports for a specific storage. That makes the code a little shorter and 
allows you to change storages without changing the code. 
import ZODB.config

db = ZODB.config.databaseFromURL('/tmp/zeo.conf')

Well, my goal is to use database via zodb and have db specified in config file 

Thank You for any help, 


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sorry for bothering with same question again. However, month ago, I have
tried to handle more zodb databases with zeo as described here:

Since then, I don't have had a time to play with it and now I tried again.
However, even after reading
http://www.zope.org/Wikis/ZODB/FrontPage/guide/index.html few times, I have
no idea how to handle this (as anywhere I read, client only connect to port
and do not select filestorage). Only possibility I see is to run more zeo
instances, which is not neccessary as I have read. 

Thank You for help, 
Lukas "Almad" Linhart
[:: http://www.almad.net/ ::]
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