[ZODB-Dev] Handling more databases with zeo

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Tue Jun 28 17:09:10 EDT 2005

[Lukas Linhart]
> Well I meant: when I'm having ZEO configured this way
> (/etc/zeo/zeo.conf):
> <zeo>
>         address localhost:11000
>         monitor-address localhost:11001
> </zeo>
> <filestorage 1>
>         path /var/www/databases/zodb/almad-net.fs
> </filestorage>
> <filestorage 2>
>         path /var/www/databases/zodb/zapisnik-test.fs
> </filestorage>
> <eventlog>
>         <logfile>
>                 path /var/log/zeo/zeo.log
>                 format %(asctime)s %(message)s
>         </logfile>
> </eventlog>

As before, I'd run a different ZEO server for each database.  I'm not sure
that what you're doing here will be supported for much longer (or really
even _is_ supported anymore -- see my last msg). 

> How do I connect to filestorage 2 (I thought that 1 and 2 are aliases)?

If it works at all, the only way would be to add a

    storage 2

line to your zeoclient section on the client side; see the zeoclient part of
ZODB/component.xml.  That has a key named "storage", described as "The name
of the storage ..."; it also has a key named "name", described as "The
storage name".  Only God could guess what the intended difference there is,
but I'm God-like enough <wink> to know that "name" is definitely not what
you want here.  Specifying "storage" may well work, though.

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