[ZODB-Dev] Handling more databases with zeo

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Wed Jun 29 14:34:39 EDT 2005

[Tim Peters]
>> ....
>> As before, I'd run a different ZEO server for each database.  I'm not
>> sure that what you're doing here will be supported for much longer (or
>> really even _is_ supported anymore -- see my last msg).

[Dieter Maurer]
> I do not know whether it is supported but it works in ZODB 3.2.
> Why do you want to cancel this?

I didn't say I would cancel it / rip it out.  I said it's undocumented,
untested, and that its status is unclear; and I quoted a comment from
current ZODB source that strongly seemed to imply its author (probably
Jeremy) believed it was already dead meat ("This argument is primarily for
backwards compatibility with servers that supported multiple storages" --
why did the comment use past tense if the current code still supports
multiple storages?  I don't know, and finding out would take time away from
other things; given that Lukas had been trying to get an answer about this
one for well over a month, and nobody was able to tell him anything useful,
I have to conclude this feature is so little used it deserves no priority
over other pressing issues.).

If somebody _wants_ this gimmick, the best way to ensure it remains is to
contribute documentation and tests for it.  As is, assuming it still works
at all, I expect it could be (or perhaps already has been) broken purely by

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